Euroa Hotel


Sam Buzzo & Vicki Jones
Pub dining
67 Railway Street
Euroa VIC 3666
Phone: 03 5795 2005 or 03 5795 1851

The Euroa Hotel has been a local hotel for the Euroa community since it was constructed by George Sutherland in 1884 and remains a visual and cultural icon in the area.

Hotel facilities include a front bar, beer garden, bistro dining facilities, TAB & sports bar area, a drive thru bottleshop, a large car parking area and accommodation.

Extensive renovations will be taking place in 2014. Upgrade of dining facilities, main bar, TAB & Sports area, indoor children’s playroom, outside beer garden and parking area.

Country dining at it’s best.


Please come and see us for a wonderful meal in a friendly atmosphere.

Mon – Sat 12:00pm – 2:00pm

Wed – Sat 6:00pm – 8:30pm


Thursday Night
Parma Night - $14

Chicken Schnitzel with a choice of toppings (see list below). Served with either chips & salad or chips & vegetables

Tomato base filled with onions, baked beans, peppers and cheese

Tomato base, bacon, onions and cheese

Euroa Surprise
Mushroom, Bacon, onions and cheese

Mexican Man
Peppercorn, chilli peppers, onions and cheese

Tomato base with pineapple, ham and covered with cheese

Tomato base and cheese 


Please ring to discuss 03 5795 2005.


Please ring to see if there are any vacancies 03 5795 2005 or email



Business Hours:

Monday – Saturday:      Lunch 12 – 2pm

Wednesday – Saturday:  Dinner 6 – 8.30pm

Sunday: Special Functions (minimum 20 people)

So sit back and relax and we hope you enjoy your meal with us today.


SOUP OF THE DAY                                                                                         6.50                                                                                                                                            Freshly made soup of the day with ciabatta toasted buttered bread                                                         (See todays specials) 

GARLIC BREAD                        (V)                                                                  5.50

CHEESY GARLIC BREAD         (V)                                                                  6.50

BACON & CHEESE GARLIC BREAD                                                              6.90

(All toasted ciabatta bread with creamed garlic butted and fresh parsley)

CAJUN WEDGES                      (V)                                                                  6.50

Additional Bacon & Cheese                                                                          1.00

(seasonal wedges served with Cajun spice, sour cream and                                                                    sweet chilli sauce)

VEGETABLE MEDLEY              (V)                                                                 7.50

(Mixture of seasonal vegetables glazed in butter )

ASIAN SPRING ROLLS   -  (9 Pieces)                (V)                                       8.50

(Authentic vegetable fried rolls served with mixed lettuce and light sweet                                       dipping sauce)

BEER BATTERED CHIPS          (V)                                                                 6.90

(A grade chips dipped in beer batter and fried to quality crispness)

PERI PERI SQUID RINGS & CHIPS                                                               9.90

(squid marinated with Peri-Peri sauce and served with tartare sauce                                                      and mixed lettuce)

PRAWN TWISTERS  -  (6 pieces)                                                                 8.50

(Large tiger prawns minced, served in cones with a lemon wedge                                                            and tartare sauce)

VEGETARIAN NACHOS          (V)                                                                   8.50

(Crispy Nachos topped with melted cheese and sour cream)

Additional bacon                                                                                           1.00


TRADITIONAL CEASAR SALAD                                                                     15.50

(Baby cos lettuce, crispy bacon, honey roasted herb croutons, shaved                                                 parmesan cheese, served with our fabulous dressing and soft poached egg)

Additional Chicken                                                                                        1.50

THAI BEEF SALAD                            (GF)                                                       16.90

(Scotch fillet dressed and tenderised in a Japanese style, served on a                                               garden salad finished  with a sweet soy and chilli dressing)

Can also be done as a vegetarian dish   (V)                                               14.90







Our premium Grain Fed Steaks are served with your choice of sides                                                           either chips and salad, OR silky mashed potatoes and seasonal vegetables.

GRAIN FED 300GMS SCOTCH FILLET     (G.F.)                                            25.90

(A speciality for steak lovers, quality flavour “The King of Beef”)

GRAIN FED 300GMS PORTERHOUSE     (G.F.)                                           24.90

(Deliciously tender, highest quality pasture raised beef, tenderness                                                  guaranteed, “simply sensational”)

SURF & TURF                                                                                                   30.50

(Grain fed 300gms scotch fillet topped with prawns, creamy garlic                                                         and reduced balsamic vinegar sauce. “Full of Flavour”)                                                                                                                                                                                                          



GARDEN SALAD                                                                                                2.50

SEASONAL VEGETABLES                                                                                  2.50

SILKY MASHED POTATOES                                                                              2.00

PEPPER OR MUSHROOM SAUCE                                                                    2.00

GRAVY                                                                                                                1.00

EXTRA TOPPINGS                                                                                             1.50


SIGNATURE DISHES                                                                                                                                                         

Our signature dishes are served with either your choice of chips and salad                                                     OR silky mashed potatoes and seasonal vegetables.


CHICKEN MIGNON       (G.F.)                                                                           20.50

(lovingly hand made with garlic butter and bacon which melts through                                                    the chicken breast)

FLATHEAD FILLETS                                                                                           16.50

(Crispy long flatheads fillets which are beer battered and tastes exceptional)

SEAFOOD PLATTER                                                                                           21.50

(A combination of snapper tail fillets, peri-peri squid rings,                                                                   lemon peppered crumbed prawn cutlets,crumbed surimi scallops                                                           and tempura surimi bites)

CHICKEN PARMAGIANA                                                                                  21.90

(Crumbed chicken breast topped with mozzarella cheese and our special                                                 freshly made  Napoli sauce)

CHICKEN SCHNITZEL                                                                                        19.90

(Crumbed chicken breast grilled and served with home made gravy.)

ROAST OF THE DAY                                                                                          18.90

(Please check with our server as to what is available today)  


LAMB CUTLETS                                                                                                   22.50

(Spice-crusted cutlets marinated with ginger, cumin, coriander and cinnamon)

CURRY OF THE DAY                                                                                           17.90

(Authentic Indian style curry served with pappadums, steamed rice and                                     cucumber raita)

GRILLED MUSHROOM CHICKEN                                                                     19.90

(Breast of chicken served with a layer of my special recipe sauce)

GRILLED PEPPER CHICKEN                                                                               19.90

(Breast of chicken served with a mouth watering pepper sauce)






GARLIC OR CHILLI PRAWNS                                                                             24.50

(Sizzling king tiger prawns sautéed in garlic with shallots in a creamy white                                          wine sauce on Arborio rice with a garden salad)  

PAPPADELLE CABONARA                                                                                 17.50

(Pan seared bacon and onion tossed in garlic and shallots, finished with                                                    a creamy white wine sauce and parmesan cheese)

ADDITIONAL SEAFOOD                                                                                     5.00


CHICKEN AND MUSHROOM RISOTTO      (G.F.)                                            18.90

(White wine poached chicken breast pieces pan fried in garlic butter and                                                      spring onions, a hint of parmesan cheese and a dash of cream) 

(Can be done vegetarian also)                   (V)                                                  16.90

TOFU AND PUMPKIN PAPPADELLE PASTA    (VE)                                        17.50

(Pan fried tofu, pumpkin, mushroom and onion tossed with our freshly                                             made Napoli sauce and garnished with spring onions)      



Included in price is a choice of either a soft drink or a serve of ice cream                                              with topping of your choice.

POPCORN CHICKEN AND CHIPS                                                                       6.50

(Tenderloins of chicken rolled up, lightly battered and served with salad                                                     garnish and tomato sauce)

BOWL OF CHIPS                                                                                                   5.50

(Served with tomato sauce)

SAUSAGES, CHIPS AND GRAVY                                                                        6.50                       

(Sausages served with chips or silky mashed potatoes with gravy)

FISHTAILS                                                                                                              6.90

(Fishtail fillets with chips, lemon wedge and tartare sauce)

CHICKEN SCHNITZEL                                                                                            7.90

(Kids schnitzel served with chips and tomato sauce)


CHEESECAKE                                                                                                         6.50

(Please ask our server as to what choice is available)

CHOCOLATE MUD CAKE                                                                                     6.50

(A chocolate lovers delight, served with cream and ice cream)

STICKY DATE PUDDING                                                                                      6.90

(Moist pudding with caramel sauce, served with cream and ice cream)

CHOCOLATE MOUSSE                                                                                         6.50

(Fine whipped mousse, served with cream and ice cream)

ICE CREAM SUNDAES                                                                                         5.50

Chocolate, Strawberry, caramel, vanilla or blue heaven







OPEN EUROA BURGER AND CHIPS                                                                  12.00

(Toasted roll with tasty hamburger, egg, bacon, cheese, lettuce and tomato.                                           Served with chips and tomato sauce)

OPEN EUROA STEAK SANDWICH                                                                     13.50

(Toasted roll with steak, bacon, egg, lettuce, cheese and tomato.                                                              Served with chips and tomato sauce)

CHICKEN PARMAGIANA                                                                                    13.50

(Breast fillet of chicken topped with mozzarella cheese and Napoli sauce)

CHICKEN SCHNITZEL                                                                                           12.00

(Crumbed chicken breast grilled and served with home made gravy)

TEMPURA CRISPY BATTERED FLATHEAD FILLETS                                         12.00

(Lovely light beer batter, melts in your mouth)

PERI-PERI SQUID RINGS AND CHIPS                                                               10.00

(Special flavoured squid rings served with our tasty chips)

SEAFOOD BASKET                                                                                               13.50

(A combination of fillet of fish, squid rings, crumbed prawn cutlets                                                        , scallops and fish bites)

CHICKEN OR BEEF STIRFRY                                                                               12.00

(Truly tasty with our chefs special sauce)

POPCORN CHICKEN AND CHIPS                                                                       10.00

(Truly delicious)

STEAK OF THE DAY                                                                                             14.00

(Cooked to your choice)




Rothbury Estate Chardonnay                                                  G.  5.90     19.90

Rothbury Estate Sauv Blanc                                                     G.  5.90     19.90

3 Virtues Chardonnay                                                                                  22.90

3 Virtues Sauv Blanc                                                                                     22.90

Snow Road Chardonnay Sauv Blanc                                                          26.90

Brown Brothers Crouchen & Reisling                                                        28.00

Brown Brothers Moscato                                                         G.  7.70      29.50

Rosemount Reisling                                                                                      29.90

Oyster Bay (N.Z.) Sauvignon Blanc                                         G.  9.90      35.00


Rothbury Estate Shiraz/Cabernet                                           G.  5.90      18.90

Rothbury Estate Cabernet/Merlot                                          G.  5.90     18.90

Snow Road Merlot                                                                     G.  5.90     21.90

3 Virtues Cabernet/Merlot                                                                                26.90

Brown Brothers Dolcetto & Syrah                                           G.  7.90    29.90

Wynns Coonawarra Shiraz                                                                          38.00

Tahbilk Cabernet/Sauvignon                                                                      38.00

Jamieson Run Shiraz Cabernet/Merlot                                                     34.90


3 Virtues NV Sparkling                                                                                 22.90

Yellow by Yellowglen                                                                                   25.00

Yellow or Pink Piccolo (200ml)                                                                     7.90

Riccadonna Asti Sparkling                                                                           29.90


Penfolds Club Port                                                                                          4.50

Hanwood Reserve Port                                                                                  6.50